Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Nashville, TN

Nashville Modern Cabinetry believes in creating spaces in your home that live and breathe with you. Spaces that delight. European cabinetry offers an instant 23% increase in storage capabilities, while visually appearing to be less.

That’s part of the European style of cabinetry. The kitchen is more thought of as a living space, it is where everyone comes to gather. While being able to store all of the items you need.

Perhaps nowhere is the European style more appropriate than in the kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in any home. Kitchens should serve all the major functions of food preparation, and be a part of the living space.

Nashville Modern Cabinetry can provide your home with quality European-style custom kitchen cabinets in Nashville, TN.

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Why Choose Nashville Modern Cabinetry's Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you’re building a home, flipping one, or looking for an all-new look, the modern European cabinets we build and install can give you that different feeling you’ve been seeking.

Read more below on why Nashville Modern Cabinetry’s kitchen cabinets in Nashville are right for your home.

They're Practical

The broadest difference between European and American cabinets is the fact European-style cabinets are sleek and simple, whereas American cabinets tend to look larger and more prominent.

You’ll love the practicality of European-style kitchen cabinets. With minimal hardware or outward appearances, they exist in your kitchen only to serve their purpose. You get everything you need from them without wasting any of your room space on larger, framed cabinets.

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They're Designed and Built for You

As you might have guessed, we don’t sell or install anything mass-produced. Our kitchen cabinet design in Nashville is more deliberate, more focused. We use your vision and collaborate with you throughout our design process.

The beauty of the European style of kitchen cabinetry is that each cabinet is designed, measured, and built specifically for your home.

You can add an entire set of European kitchen cabinets and then essentially forget they’re there. Consider them to be living, breathing parts of your home, not anything that will jut out into your visual space as American cabinetry might.

They're Sleek

Function should come first in any discussion of European kitchen cabinets, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the fact that our cabinets fit sleekly into your kitchen to create a modern, timeless, minimalist look. Utensils, plates, and other cookware will all be neatly hidden away until you need them.

That’s the real difference between European and Face-framed cabinets: Face-frame cabinetry is bulky, uneven and is not easy on the eyes. European cabinets are intentionally low-key and modest while still retaining a sharp appearance that should draw all kinds of compliments.

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Quality Kitchen Cabinet Design in Nashville

When you’re looking for custom kitchen cabinets in Nashville, TN, sleek and modern are the plays. We’ll listen to what you want for your space and then design modern European cabinets to match your vision.

In the end, you’ll have a kitchen that is as functional as it is beautiful and attractive.

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