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The art of the kitchen. It’s a place to connect, relax, and feel at home. Your ideas guide our passion to unify function, form, and comfort within your aesthetic.

Finally, Custom European cabinetry arrives in Nashville. Recognized for exceptional quality and modern designs, we bring your vision to life – spaces that breathe with you. 

Working with architects, designers, and individuals, we create custom cabinets in Nashville. Our team brings true precision to your home, creating your cabinets for any space.

Perfect. Pleasant. Unique.

What are European-Style Custom Cabinets in Nashville?

Nashville Modern Cabinetry is proud to create European-style cabinets in Nashville. But just what is the European style, and how does it differ from American-style cabinets?

Put simply, European-style custom cabinets are modern and minimalist. They use a design to appear sharp and sleek, making them essentially able to sink right into the background of wherever they are installed.

Compare these to American-style cabinets, which contain center stiles and bulky frames and often call attention to themselves.

European-style cabinetry comes from the homes of Europe. The unique layouts of those European houses made it necessary to devise custom cabinet solutions for these minimalist spaces while not detracting from the beauty of the architecture.

This cabinet style eventually became a trend in the United States.

Nashville Modern Cabinetry is happy to design and install European-style custom cabinets in Nashville.

We manufacture your cabinets for any space. They will lend a clean and modern look to your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room in your home.

Our Process

Michaelangelo said, “Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”

Simple. Punctual. Complete.

We frame your space using design formulas of stillness, balance, and harmony.

Clear forms and pure shapes provide options without limitations based on singular design principles.

Cultivating the kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms as living spaces is a passion of Nashville Modern Cabinetry.

Complete the contact form below to schedule a visit from us. Whether it’s European kitchen cabinets, vanities for your bathroom, or storage for another room – we’ll help you to create  the living areas you’ve always wanted.

Soon, you’ll be enjoying your beautiful new custom cabinets in Nashville.

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